What is meaning of 1 unit electricity

1 Unit Electricity

1 unit electricity is the amount of total electrical energy is consumed by load, which is 1 kilowatt power in 1 hour.

It is measured in electrical energy and there unit is Joule.

Any load consumed power in particular time, that is electrical energy.

So 1 kilowatt hour (KWh) is a unit of electrical energy and that 1 Kilowatt hour is equal to one unit.

Basically 1 KWh is total energy consumption of power by load in one hour.

So We can say,

1 Unit = 1 KWH

1 unit equal to how many Joule ?


1 Unit Electricity = 1 kWh

= 1 kW x 1 Hour

= 1000 W x 3600 seconds

= 3.6×106 Joule

Hence 1 Unit equal to 3.6×106 Joule

You must have seen in your electricity bill, in that shown total monthly Electrical energy of power consumed by your load

Local electricity board calculate your total monthly unit and take charge according to cost per unit ,which will be decided by your electricity board.

Suppose , you are consumed around 10’000 W in one month and your electricity board take charge 1unit electricity cost is 10$ per unit.

Now You know 1 unit = 1000 Wh , So here 10’000 Watt equal to 10 unit.

1 Unit electricity cost is 10$ , Then 10 Unit Х 10$ = 100$

Finally make your monthly bill will be 100$.

Calculation of Power Consumption

Above most of the concepts explained ,Now we would like introduced to Calculation of Power Consumption with formula of electricity.

On most electrical appliances have written their value of electrical wattage on box or printed on appliance.

1 unit electricity

Put wattage value of appliances in the given formula and you can get easily daily unit or monthly unit,

Daily Units =


Monthly Units = Units x 30 days [ or take days according to month]

Using this Unit formula, you can calculate unit of daily and monthly .But keep in mind we can’t use this formula for some appliances like Air-conditioner , Cloth Iron , water heater and pump etc.that will not be used.


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