Various Cooling Methods of electrical machines

Cooling systems must be required in the electrical machine for maintenance performance or efficiency ,so let’s discuss various cooling methods of electrical machines.

Various Cooling Methods of electrical machines


Natural cooling Systems

The rotating parts of the machine, like the armature of DC machine and rotor AC machine set to air current mean that flow of current.

Air current is even set up through temperature differences and No external device such as fans for air movements are required.

Self cooling system

The armature is driving part of the machine , in that rotor fan blades are fitted.

So that fan blades rotate and suck all the cold air from one side through ducts on the end of the cover , forced on hot internal part and hot air by out from the side end cover opening.

So we can say machines will be self cooled.

Separates Cooling system

In the machine, air circulating fans are not driven help through the machine but by some different mechanism.

Instead of air a liquid cooling media can also be used by separating circulating mechanism in the rotating machine.

Types of cooling according to the uses

Various Cooling Methods of electrical machines

Open circuit ventilation

In this type the heat produced in the machine is given up directly to the cooling air and replaced continually.

Closed circuit ventilation

In this type of system , when heat is produced in the machine , it will be transferred to a cooling medium.

This transfer is helped through intermediate cooling circulation in the closed circuit.

Surface ventilation

This system is used for a totally enclosed machine.

The heat produced inside the machine by conduction comes on the external surface of the machine and taken up by the surrounding available air.

Liquid cooling

The parts of machines are carefully to drown in the water or liquid.

In some cases the part of the machine carries water or other liquid to carry away heat.

Inner Cooling of winding

Inner cooling has two types of cooling system for machines .

A] Inner gas cooling

B] inner liquid cooling

A] Inner Gas Cooling : in this system hollow type of coil carries a gas like hydrogen.

While hydrogen is spreaded , it carries away heat from heated coils and the temperature of the coil is maintained in permissible limits.

B] Inner Liquid Cooling

In this system, one winding or all the winding are cooled by water . This is circulated in hollowing winding.

These are all methods of cooling used for rotating electrical machines.

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