Types of The Transformer

Types of The Transformer

  • What is transformer?

Transformer is associate degree magnetic attraction device ,which is employed to either boost up or step down the voltage levels by keeping power,frequency and flux as constanttypes o transformer

there square measure many varieties of transformers supported their level of usage and follow given main Types of Transformer based on usage.

1. Power Transformers
2.Distribution Transformers
3.Instrument Transformers

1.Distribution transformers:

  • These Transformers square measure employed in distribution aspect to further decrease the voltage level for activity the load .Generally delta-star transformers square measure employed in distribution aspect as a result of the masses we tend to use are one section (1 section and one neutral wire) to separate three|the three} section power into 3 -single phases we’d like star affiliation.These transformers square measure activity power through out the day whether load is on or off.
  • Turning on transformers even on no load winds up in exaggerated core losses ,so the distribution transformers use amorphous alloy core whereas power transformers use matter steel core .

2.Power Transformers:

  • These sort of transformers square measure employed in transmission aspect (which connects from generation to distribution).Step up transformers square measure used on generation aspect to extend the voltage level.
  • Because there square measure few blessings of transmission power at higher voltages like Stability is exaggerated and losses is mitigated .And Step Down transformers square measure used at the load side as the required voltage for industries and home square measure 440V and 230V severally.

3.Instrument Transformers:

  • In substations the voltage and current levels square measure to be monitored at each instant and as these voltages and currents square measure of terribly high values ,the meters used for these purpose ought to be of terribly giant rating that will increase the dimensions and price of the meters.
  • To avoid this, Instrument transformers square measure accustomed step down the voltage and current values to needed level.Again there square measure 2 kinds of instrument transformers.

a)Current Transformer:
Current transformer is device which decrease current rating .Primary site of current transformer always connected with high current rating with per phase and secondary site connect with meter which display current value in the phase.

b)Potential electrical device :
To decrease the voltage level

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