Synchronous Motor MCQ

Solve MCQ of Synchronous Motor ,here given lots of unique mcq for you.It can be very help full for your electrical engineering exam or competitive exams..

Synchronous Motor MCQ

1. Synchronous motors are not self-starting because___

A. direction of rotation is not fixed

B. direction of instantaneous torque reverses after half cycle

C. starters cannot be used on these machine

D. starting winding is not provided on machines

2. In case one phase of three-phase synchronous motor has short-circuited motor will ___

A. not run

B. run at 2/3 of its synchronous speed

C. run with excessive vibration

D. take less than rated load

3. A pony motor is___

A. the small induction motor.

B. the D.C. series motor.

C. the D.C. shunt motor.

D. the double winding A.C./D.C. motor.

4. The asynchronous motor can develop synchronous torque

A. when under loaded

B. while over-excited

C. only at synchronous speed

D. below or above synchronous speed

5. The asynchronous motor can be started by

A. pony motor

B. D.C. compound motor

C. providing damper winding

D. any of the above

6. A three-phase synchronous motor will have

A. no slip-rings

B. one slip-ring

C. two slip-rings

D. three slip-rings

7. Under which condition, hunting of synchronous motor is occur?

  1. Periodic variation of load
  2. Over-excitation
  3. Over-loading for long periods
  4. Small and constant load

8. When excitation of unloaded salient pole synchronous motor suddenly gets disconnected___

A. motor stops

B. it runs as areluctance motor at same speed

C. it runs as a reluctance motor atlower speed

D. none of the above

9. When V is applied voltage, then breakdown torque of a synchronous motor varies as___

A. V

B. V312

C. V2

D. 1/V

10. The power developed by synchronous motor will be maximum when load angle is___

A. zero

B. 45°

C. 90°

D. 120°

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