Switchgear and Protection MCQ

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Switchgear and Protection MCQ

1. main function of fuse is to___

A. protect the line

B. open the circuit

C. protect the appliance

D. prevent excessive currents

E. none of the above

2. On which routine tests are conducted?

A. Oil circuit breakers

B. Airblast circuit breakers

C. Minimum oil circuit breakers

D. All of the above

3. SF6 gas

A. is yellow

B. is lighter than air

C. is nontoxic

D. has pungent small

4. Arcing contacts in circuit breaker are made of

A. copper tungsten alloy

B. porcelain

C. electrolytic copper

D.aluminum alloy

5. Which medium is employed for the extinction of arc in air circuitbreaker?

A. Water

B. Oil

C. Air

D. SF6

6. With which, a circuit breaker must be equipped for remoteoperation?

A. Inverse time trip

B. Time-delay trip

C. Shunt trip

D. None of the above

7. Fault diverters are basically

A. fuses

B. relays

C. fast switches

D. circuit breakers

8. A thermal protection switch can protect against

A. short-circuit

B. temperature

C. overload

D. overvoltage

9. Arc in circuit behaves as

A. capacitive reactance

B. an inductive reactance

C. a resistance rising with respect to voltage rise across the arc

D. a resistance reducing with respect to voltage rise across the arc

10. The thermal circuit breaker has

A. delayed trip action

B. instantaneous trip action

C. both of the above

D. none of the above

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