Why do transformers use AC?

eleshock Staff asked 11 months ago

To understand why the transformer only functions works with ac, we will need to understand it is a principle.

Why do transformers use AC?

The transformer is a static device, which includes a couple of winding that are coupled magnetically and split electrically with a magnetic core. 

It transmits the electric energy from 1 circuit to another from the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Mutual induction between a couple of twisting is accountable for transformation action within an electric transformer.

A transformer requires an alternating current that will create a changing magnetic field.

Whereas in DC current will be continuous, there will not be any alternating current to make a magnetic field. 

Due to this, there is no shift in magnetic field voltage compels is likely to be zero.

The transformer has elevated inductance and low resistance. 

In dc supply there’s absolutely no inductance only resistance will act from the circuit, so large current will flows through the primary of the transformer. Because of this coil and insulation will burn. So this reason DC can not be utilized.