Power Factor MCQ

Solve MCQ of power factor ,here given lots of unique mcq for you.It can be very help full for your electrical engineering exam or competitive exams.

Power Factor MCQ

1) Which one of the following loads has the poorest power factor?

(A) Electric fan Induction motor 

(B) Transformer 

(C) Induction motor

(D) Induction furnace

2) Which one is NOT the cause of the decrease in power factor? 

(A) Decrease in system voltage. 

(B) Increase in air gap in induction motor.

(C) Operating equipment at part load

(D) Operating synchronous motor with over excitation 

3) Which one of the following statements is NOT true?

(A) When the equipment is designed at low power factor it is to be designed for more kVA

(B) When power factor is decreased, loss in the cable supplying load is decreased.

(C) Due to reduced power factor voltage regulation of line becomes poor 

(D) Reduced power factor reduces the efficiency of the plant 

4) Which one of the following statements is NOT true regarding use of capacitor for power factor correction ? 

(A) Capacitor should be connected near the supply. 

(B) Protection fuse should be connected in the line of the capacitor bank. 

(C) Capacitors should be switched off during off-peak period 

(D) Switching current of capacitor is more so its wire should be of sufficient size

5) Which one of the following statements is NOT true for the capacitors used for power factor improvement ?

(A) Enclosure of capacitor bank should be earthed.

(B) Capacitor bank is used up to 100 kVAr. 

(C)Capacitor should be connected near the load 

(D)Capacitor once switched off, a minimum period of one minute should be allowed before switching on again

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