Overhead line MCQ

91. In the analysis of which lines, shunt capacitance is neglected?

  1. Short transmission lines
  2. Medium transmission lines
  3. Long transmission lines
  4. The medium as well as long transmission lines

92. When will the interconnector between two stations has larger reactance?

  1. transfer of power will take place with the voltage fluctuation and noise.
  2. transfer of power will take place with the least loss
  3. stations will fall out of step due to large angular displacement between the stations
  4. none of the above

93. Freq. of voltage generated, in case of generators, is increased by___

  1. using reactors
  2. increasing the load
  3. adjusting the governor
  4. reducing the terminal voltage

94. When alternator connected to bus-bar is shut down, the bus-bar voltage will___

  1. fall
  2. rise
  3. remain unchanged
  4. none of the above

95. angular displacement between two interconnected stations is mainly due to___

  1. armature reactance of both alternators
  2. the reactance of the interconnector
  3. the synchronous reactance of both the alternators
  4. all of the above

96. Electro-mechanical voltage regulators are generally used in

  1. reactors
  2. generators
  3. transformers
  4. all of the above

97. Series capacitors over transmission lines are of little use when load VAR requirement is___

  1. large
  2. small
  3. fluctuating
  4. any of the above

98. The voltage regulation in the magnetic amplifier type voltage regulator is effected by

  1. electromagnetic induction
  2. varying the resistance
  3. varying the reactance
  4. variable transformer

99. When conductor carries more current on surface as compared to core, it is due to___

  1. permeability variation
  2. corona
  3. skin effect
  4. unsymmetrical fault

100. The following system is not generally used

  1. 1-phase 3 wire
  2. 1-phase 4 wire
  3. 3-phase 3 wire
  4. 3-phase 4 wire

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