MGVCL Vidyut Sahayak – Junior Engineer (Electrical) Paper (09-09-2018) MCQ Series

MGVCL Vidyut Sahayak – Junior Engineer (Electrical) Question Paper (09-09-2018) objective

1. The construction cost per KW of an AC generator


2. Generating station as a plant capacity factor of 50% and average demand is 15 MW than the installed capacity will be


3. Power factor of AC circuit is given by


4. Which of the following essential future is possessed by an indicating instrument ?


5. in a transmission line


6. 1pw


7. The following is not true for microprocessor based relay


8. The design of Electromagnet is based upon


9. The following is an unsymmetrical fault in power system


10. Fuse is used for the following purpose


11. Fuse is used for the following purpose


12. MOCB means


13. the charging current in the transmission line


14. Diversity factor is always


15. Which one of the following is measured by the loss of charge method


16. A current is alternating current if


17. The following are circuit breaker contact


18. The electricity act,_________ is an act of Parliament of India enacted to transfer the power section in India


19. The heavy current due to short circuit cause excessive


20. A 40 kVA transformer has iron loss of 450 watt in full load copper loss of 850 watt. if the power factor of the load is 0.8 legging. the full load efficiency of the transformer is


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