MCQ on DC generator 

Solve MCQ on DC generator ,here given lots of unique mcq for you.It can be very help full for your electrical engineering exam or competitive exams.

MCQ on DC generator 

1. Dc generator will not build up voltage

A. If field resistance is more than critical resistance

B. due to the wrong direction of rotation

C. If it has lost residual magnetism

D. Anyone of the above

2. D.C. series generator is used for

A. lighting load

B. battery charging

C. booster

D. none of these

3. For non-reversing D.C. drives it is preferable to employ

A. Regenerative braking

B. Dynamic braking with separate excitation

C. Dynamic braking with self-excitation

D. Plugging

4. The function of the starter is

A. To limit armature current at the time of starting

B. To protect the motor from overloading

C. To protect the motor from low voltage

D. All of these

5. In a Dc generator, the effect of armature reaction on main pole flux is to

A. reduce it

B. distort it

C. reverse it

D. Both A & B

6. Which of the following does not need equalizers for stationary parallel operation?

A. Series generator

B. Over compounded generator

C. Flat Compounded generator

D. Under compounded generator

7. In a commutator

A. copper is harder than mica

B. mica and copper are equally hard

C. mica is harder than copper

D. none of the above

8. pole shoes are attached to pole core by_______in DC generator

A. rivets

B. countersunk screws

C. brazing

D. welding

9. As indicated by Fleming’s right-hand rule for discovering the direction of produced e.m.f., when middle finger points toward produced e.m.f., forefinger will a point in toward

A. motion of the conductor

B. lines of force

C. either of the above

D. none of the above

10. Fleming’s right hand rule regarding direction of induced e.m.f. co-relates___

A. magnetic flux, the direction of current flow and the resultant force

B. magnetic flux, the direction of motion, and direction of e.m.f. induced

C. magnetic field strength, induced voltage & current

D. magnetic flux, direction of force & direction of motion of the conductor

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