Low Medium and High Resistance

Today we discuss about different types of low,medium and high resistance  or resistance measurement methods.it is short note who help your upcoming competitive exam like MGVCL, DGVCL,PGVCL, ITI ELECTRICAL ,SSC-JE and many more. If you want to deeply explanation about this topic please find out in our website search engine.When you go for an exam that time don’t  forget this topic because this is a very important topic consider to exam.basically three range method of measurements for resistance .

Low , Medium and High Resistance Method


➽ Low Range resistance  method [ R< 1 ohm ]

1] Potentiometer Method

2] Kelvin double bridge method


➽ Medium Range Resistance method [ 1 ohm To 100 k ohm ]

1] Volt Ammeter Methods

2] Substitution Method

3] Wheatstone Bridge Method

4] Ohm Meter

5] Carry- Ferster Bridge method or Side wire bridge method


➽ High Range method [ R > 100 K ohm ]

1] Megger

2] Mega ohm meter

3] Direct dictionary  Method

4] Loss of Charge method

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