Electrical Safety Rules

☢ Why electrical safety rules are very important? 

  • If you make even a slight mistake then your life can also be lost, If you work with electrical equipment , then it is very important to keep in mind the electrical safety rules and some electrical safety tips.
  • 21  points given about electrical safety precautions are following..

21 Electrical Safety Rules

Point 1

The electric shocks are usually received and can be easily avoided by being careful.

Point 2

A great care should be taken against electric shock while working on the line whether  its conductor is insulated or bared.

electrical safety
electrical safety

Point 3

Never work with bare feet. It is better to wear rubber shoes while working.

Point 4

In case of electric shock, when a victim is still in contact with the live wire which  you cannot immediately switch off, insulate yourself on a dry wood or any other insulating material to release the victim.

Point 5

Use safety belt before starting the work on an electric pole or tower.

Point 6

The ladder should always be held by another person while working on overhead lines. so that may not slip away.

Point 7

Phase or positive wire should always be connected through the switch

Point 8

Before energizing the line, check that there is none working on the main line

Point 9

Before replacing the blown fuse. always switch off the main switch.

Point 10

Before taking a tables fan or portable appliances from one place to another, disconnect it from the supply.

Point 11

Do not disconnect the flexible wire of an electrical equipment from the socket by pulling it out.

Point 12

Do not touch electric installation without any purpose.

Point 13

Overhead lines should never be touched unless you are sure that it is dead and properly earthedelectrical safetyPoint 14

Before starting the work, ensure that you are authorized to do the work.

Point 15

Do not tamper electrical protective or interlocking gear unless you are authorized.

Point 16

Safety depends upon good earthling, always kcep earth connection in good conditition.

electrical safety

Point 17

The battery charging room should be lighted and airy.

Point 18

When preparing an electrolyte, the acid should be added in to the water and not the water to the acid.

electrical safety rules

Point 19

Do not charge the battery in a dark room.

Point 20

In case of fire, do not throw water on a live wire and equipment, it is dangerous The best remedy is to disconnect the main supply immediately.

Point 21

The electric fire should be extinguished with liquid carbon dioxide type extinguisher or dry sand

electrical safety tips

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