Control System MCQ

Solve MCQ of Control System ,here given lots of unique mcq for you.It can be very help full for your electrical engineering exam or competitive exams..

Control System MCQ

1. In the open-loop control system

A. The output is independent of control input

B. The output is dependent on the control input

C. Only system parameters have an effect on the control output

D. None of the above

2. For the open control system, which statement is not correct?

A. Less expensive

B. Recalibration is not required for maintaining required quality of the

C. output

D. Construction is simple and maintenance easy

E. Errors are caused by disturbances

3. Control system in which control action is dependent on the output is known as

A. Closed-loop system

B. Semiclosed loop system

C. Open system

D. None of the above

4. In the closed-loop control system, with the positive value of feedback gain the overall

a gain of the system will

A. decrease

B. increase

C. be unaffected

D. any of the above

5. _________ is an open-loop control system?

A. Field controlled D.C. motor

B. Ward Leonard control

C. Metadyne

D. Stroboscope

6. Which statement is not necessarily correct for open control system?

A. The input command is the sole factor responsible for providing the control action

B. Presence of non-linearities causes malfunctioning

C. Less expensive

D. Generally free from problems of non-linearities

7. In the open-loop systems

A. Control action depends on the size of system

B. Control action depends on system variables

C. Control action depends on the input signal

D. Control action is independent of the output

8. ___has a tendency to oscillate.

A. Open-loop system

B. Closed-loop system

C. Both (a) and (b)

D. Neither (a) nor (b)

9. Good control system has all following features except

A. good stability

B. slow response

C. good accuracy

D. sufficient power handling capacity

10. A car is dropping at uniform speed of 50 km/h, which is the feedback part for the driver?

A. Clutch

B. Eyes

C. A needle of the speedometer

D. Steering wheel

E. None of the above

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