Circuit Breakers MCQ

Solve MCQ of Circuit Breakers ,Here given lots of unique mcq for you.It can be very help full for your electrical engineering exam or competitive exams

Circuit Breakers MCQ

1.Which one of the following types of circuit breaker is used for high power high voltage 

(A) Oil circuit breaker 

(B) Air blast circuit breaker 

(C) SF6 circuit breaker 

(D) Vacuum circuit breaker

2.Which one of the following devices is used for the protection of equipment again travelling wave? 

(A) Earth wire 

(B) Lightning arrester 

(C) Fuse 

(D) Circuit breaker 

3.Which one of the following statements is NOT true for circuit breaker? 

(A) It can switch on or off the circuit manually in the healthy condition 

(B) It can switch on or off the circuit by remote control in the healthy condition. (C) It breaks the circuit automatically in the faulty condition 

(D) It does not switch on the circuit in the faulty condition 

4.In SF circuit breakers normally 

(A) fixed contact is hollow and moving contact is solid 

(B) fixed contact is solid and moving contact is hollow. 

(C) both the fixed and moving contacts are solid. 

(D) both the fixed and moving contacts are hollow 

5.Material for contact of circuit breaker is 

(A) brass 

(B) aluminium 

(C) stainless steel 

(D) copper 

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