Bridge Inductance and Capacitance measurement Short Notes

Bridge Inductance and Capacitance measurement Short Note

Today we discus about Bridge Inductance and Capacitance measurement . We provide you here short note of Bridge Inductance and Capacitance measurement. It will be ver
y helpful for competitive exams like MGVCL, DGVCL , ITI ELECTRICAL INSTRUCTOR ,PGVCL ,SSC-JE is most imp topic  and always ask examiner 1-2 mark question  from this topic.

Which Condition should be satisfied for balanced AC bridge  ?


Condition 1)        |Z1| |Z4|=|Z2| |Z4|

Condition 2)        Φ1 + Φ4 = Φ2 + Φ3



 Measurement Of Inductance (L)

  1. Maxwell Inductance  Bridge 
  • Used for Medium Coil measurement
  • Range  1<Q<10

2. Hay’s bridge 

  • Used for high coils measurement
  • Range Q>10

3.Anderson Bridge 

  • Used for low coil measurement
  • Q< 1

4.Owen’s Bridge 

  • Used for wide range means measurement of the large range inductance.

Measurement Of Capacitance (C)

1.De-Sauty Bridge

  • DE sauty Bridge used for measurement Unknown capacitance.
  • Its very simple construction

2. Schering Bridge

  • Use for measuring capacitance for High Voltage
  • Measured Relative permeability
  • Power Factor
  • Distribution Factor
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