Alternator MCQ

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Alternator MCQ

1. In alternator, voltage drops occur in

A. armature resistance only

B. armature resistance & leakage reactance

C. armature resistance, leakage reactance & armature reaction

D. armature resistance, leakage reactance, armature reaction, & earth


2. Magnitude of different voltage drops that occur in alternator,depends on___

A. power factor of the load

B. load current

C. power factor x load current

D. power factor x (load current)2.

3. In alternator, at lagging power factor, the generated voltage perphase, as compared to that at the unity power factor___

A. must be the same as terminal voltage

B. must be less than terminal voltage

C. must be more than terminal voltage

D. must be 1.41 times the terminal voltage.

4. The power factor of alternator depends on___

A. Load

B. Speed of rotor

C. Core losses

D. Armature losses.

5. Which kind of rotor is suitable for turbo alternator which arcdesigned to run at high speed?

A. Salient pole type

B. Non-salient pole type

C. Both (A) and (B) above

D. None of the above.

6. Salient poles are generally used on___

A. high-speed prime movers only

B. medium speed prime movers only

C. low-speed prime movers only

D. low and medium speed prime movers.

7. Frequency of voltage generated in alternator depends on___

A. no. of poles

B. rotating speed

C. no. of poles and rotating speed

D. no. of poles, rotating speed, and type of winding.

8. Frequency of voltage generated by alternator having 8 poles and rotating at 250 rpm is___

A. 60 Hz

B. 50 Hz

C. 25 Hz

D. 16 2/3 Hz.

9. The alternator is generating power at 210 V per phase while running at 1500 rpm. If alternator drops to 1000 rpm, the generated voltage per phase will be___

A. 180 V

B. 150 V

C. 140 V

D. 105 V.

10. 10 pole A.C. generator rotates at 1200 rpm. The frequency of ACvoltage in cycles/second will be

A. 120

B. 110

C. 100

D. 50.

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