Advantages of Electrical Heating

Many advantages of electrical heating ,It very reliable method for quick heating

Advantages of Electrical Heating

It is a clean operation .There is no use of coal ash or smoke. So operations make clean and this cost of clean is very less.

It does not produce any pollution in the atmosphere due to the absence of flue gas, dust ,or smoke

In this system ,the temperature around an electrical furnace is very low compared to other heating treatment methods which may be troublesome for the workers and their operator.

So it is low ambient temperature.

We can be controlled easily over a wide range just using a switching OFF or ON the number of heating elements manually or automatically.So possibility of overheating or under heating is avoided. The temperature can be maintained constantly and it can easily control.

A workpiece can be heated to the required depth for heat treatment so this is not possible with non electrical heating methods.

In electrical heating, Uniform heating is possible with induction heating.

We can use it for heating bad conductors of heat and electricity and wood , plastic and bakery items can be heated uniformly and it is suitable with dielectric heating.

When we are working with electrical heating equipment, it requires less attention in comparison to other types of heating.

Electrical furnace doesn’t need any large space compared to other furnace and also other accessories like coal storage , fire wood , chimney are absent.Hence cost will be reduced to great extinction and running cost is also very less.

It is a process of quick heating . It takes time to increase the temperature less compared to other methods of heating.

Electrical heating process is more suitable for large scale production.

It is the mobility of a job .The job to be heated can be passed through a heating furnace by conveyor belt.

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